Select Your Member Type

HR Practitioner Member
For individuals whose current primary job (and job title) is that of an HR function, either generalist or specialist.

Affiliate Member
For individuals who currently work for a company that sells products, services or consulting to HR professionals.  Or anyone whose job title or primary function is not a HR function.  For example, President, Managing Partner, Owner, COO, Consultant, etc.

Student Member
For individuals who are currently enrolled in 6 hours or more per semester at a university/college.
*Students must provide proof of full time enrollment. To apply for student membership, please submit one of the following: proof of enrollment, tuition receipt, class schedule, student ID. All student member renewals must be processed through the SHRM-Atlanta Office. To submit proof of enrollment and/or to renew, please contact us at

If you have any specific questions regarding each member type, please contact us at